About the Artist

Born in the beautiful and historic city of Bamberg Germany, Jeannie was an Army brat in her youth, and spent a total of 25 years in Germany before marrying her husband Thomas. They lived for 10 years in Oklahoma, where they have 2 daughters and 5 of their grandchildren. One daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter still live in Germany.

After spending 8 years in Vermont, she moved to Massachusetts, where she is doing what she loves best: drawing, painting and photography.

Jeannie has always admired Oprah Winfrey, and took it to heart when the latter advised her viewers that if they had a dream, they shouldn't wait or wonder, but go out and make it come true! Jeannie has wanted to own her own business for a long time -- almost as long as she has had an interest in art.

After family and friends told her how unique and interesting her personally designed greeting cards were, she decided to put them on the market so that others could have a chance to get in on the fun. And now you're here!

Some of Jeannie's cards began life as pen & ink drawings of her own design, which she then scans into the computer, where she adds colorful effects. thes can be found under the "Jeannie's Art" section.


The rest of her cards are based on her own photography, with a few selections from other photographer friends of hers.